Thursday, March 12, 2009

TV BUZZ: Simpson, Bell, & Ulrich's New Shows, Third "Eastwick" Witch, "Betty" Exit, and more

• According to Ausiello, Ashlee Simpson will play "small-town girl Violet, a character whose disarming naiveté masks the calculating, shrewd sex kitten within. In other words, the little tramp's Sydney."

Candace Cameron Bure ("Full House") will play a soon-to-be step mom in ABC Family's new summer drama "Perfect 10," which is about "a group of teen Olympic gymnastic hopefuls."

• Um, how is it that Tyler "Sock" Labine has another job? He was just cast in the lead of FOX's new comedy "Sons of Tucson." Three kids hire him to pretend to be their dad while their real dad is in prison, presumably so they aren't separated by foster care. So if "Reaper" gets canceled, he has a backup plan.

• The Brit who played Anne Boleyn in "The Tudors," Natalie Dormer, scored the lead in FOX's latest drama "Masterwork," where she'll play an MI5 agent who teams up with a male FBI agent to recover artifacts. I don't think FOX realizes it already has this show...and it's called "Bones."

• I'm not sure why, but I guess when Drake Bell ("Drake & Josh") realized he wouldn't be a movie star or a music legend, he settled for another series. He's been cast as the lead of CBS' comedy "The Fish Tank." It's about "a suburban teenager living alone in his family's house." That sounds riveting.

Rebecca Romijn will join Lindsay Price ("Lipstick Jungle") and newcomer Jaime Ray Newman to complete the magical threesome of ABC's drama "Eastwick," and Sara Rue ("Less Than Perfect") will play Price's bff.

Skeet Ulrich ("Jericho") returns to CBS to star in the drama "Back," where he'll play a guy who returns home after his family reported him missing eight years ago because of 9/11.

• I guess with the graduation of several characters on "Friday Night Lights," Minka Kelly's (Lyla) services are no longer required. She was tapped for the lead in a new CW drama called "Body Politic." Along with Jason Dohring ("Veronica Mars") she'll play "optimistic up-and-coming staffers" in Washington. She'll play a small town girl who goes to DC to take a job for her long-lost dad, the new Attorney General, after her mother dies, and Dohring will play a reporter for the Washington Post.

Valerie Cruz ("Dexter") was join "True Blood" to play Isabel, an elegant Hispanic vampire.

• "Ugly Betty": This is Christina's (Ashley Jensen) last season. She was just cast in the new CBS comedy "Accidentally on Purpose." She plays second banana to Jenna Elfman ("Greg & Dharma"), a "San Francisco movie critic who finds herself 'accidentally' pregnant after a fling with a much younger man."

• "Chuck": Before the end of the season, we can expect multiple weddings, a death, Morgan quits the Buy More, Chuck meets his dad, "Chuck and Sarah are going further than they ever have before," Bryce comes back, and "a game-changing twist that will (hopefully) launch the show into season 3."

• "Prison Break": Some of our old favorite characters return, like C-Note and Sofia, Michael destroys the Company, and he has to choose between saving his sister and saving Linc.

• "The Mentalist": "Something happens at the end of [the episode] that will change the way you look at Patrick."

• "Fringe": Olivia digs deeper into her past to find about the experiments that were done to her as a child, and discovers a guy who had t]he same experience. Unfortunately, he can't control the side effects.

• "90210": We won't be seeing Harry's real son this season.

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