Friday, March 20, 2009

TV NEWS: "Worst Week" & "Trust Me" Cancelled, models cast on "Beautiful Life," and more

• It was announced earlier this week that Kyle Bornheimer, the lovable fuckup of CBS's "Worst Week," was cast in one of the lead roles of ABC's untitled Ricky Blitt ("Family Guy") comedy pilot. He plays a needy bff to Eric Christian Olsen (Fired Up), who is a financier and a hopeless romantic. Alyssa Milano and Kelly Stables ("Two and a Half Men") also star. Reports are saying that this role plays second fiddle to his current role, and will only be viable if "Worst Week" were cancelled. Please don't. It's hilarious!!! Way way way funnier than "Rules of Engagement."

• Cutie Jon Foster ("Life As We Know It") returns to TV to play the younger man who knocks up Jenna Elfman's older character in CBS's "Accidentally on Purpose."

Joss Whedon has wraught something unholy. After the success of his web mini-series, "Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," ABC must've been overcome with the notion that we were all dying for a comedic version of "Heroes," because some genius conjured up the pilot "No Heroics." It basically follows around a bunch of B-list superheroes, who hang out at a bar. While that didn't sound too bad at first, I then read Freddie Prinze Jr. ("Freddie" and Scooby Doo) was going to play the team leader's nemesis, Ultimatum, an A-list superhero, who is a "handsome, cocky and egotistical Alpha male who has all the women and fame and money a guy could want." Um, k.

• Oh, thank God someone canceled that horrible attempt at a dramedy on TNT, "Trust Me," and freed up Eric McCormack ("Will & Grace") to return to multicamera comedy where he thrives. He's been cast on Tad Quill's ("Scrubs" and "Spin City") half-hour pilot. He'll be working with Constance Zimmer, one of my favorite little firecrackers from "Entourage." McCormack will play a heart surgeon with a new baby opposite Reno Wilson ("Blind Justice" and "Heist"), who'll play his polar-opposite bff, a contractor with a new empty nest.
[4/11/09 - Ok. NOW it's official. "Trust Me" has been canceled.]

Sara Paxton (The House on the Left), Ashley Madekwe ("Secret Diary of a Call Girl"), and newcomer Nico Tortorella will join Mischa Barton on the model series "A Beautiful Life." Paxton plays a Midwestern girl, who's getting her 15 seconds of fame in the Big Apple. I pray Barton is the bitch who bursts her fantasy bubble. Oooh, and how about a "Gossip Girl" crossover episode. Blair could corrupt her, Jenny could style her, and Vanessa could document it her Serena-like downfall. Oh yeah, and Elle Macpherson will play the owner of Focus Models, an 80s supermodel who runs her agency with an iron fist.


  1. bro, no heroics is an adaptation of a british TV series.
    and trust me hasn't been cancelled. YET.

  2. i was part of the test audience for the new ricky blitt pilot. it was ok. a bit predictable, and pushed the bar a little bit with some of its risque humor. i probably won't watch, though.

  3. Unlike everything else with poor initial viewership, Trust Me should get another round. This one you can't judge from just the pilot episode or any single episode. The last two episodes proved that series as the highest quality material ever featured on TNT. Needs more time to get WOM traction.

  4. trust me, trust me has potential.

  5. "Trust Me" is the only new show this mid-season that was worth watching. Canceling it put the final nail in TNT's coffin as far as my ever turning my TV on to their broadcasting. They are a second-rate station run by morons.

  6. Trust me is an awesome show...1 more season!

  7. I agree. Trust me had taken some time but the show finally grabbed my attention and I was chomping on the bit to find out what was to happen next then I come to my pc and find out it is cancelled. oh well.

  8. I agree that "Trust Me" was the only new show this season worth watching. Why is it, that the best shows get cancelled after only one season, only because they run on a channel or at a time that is not convenient to viewers? TNT definetely made a big mistake by cancelling this show. I am sure that if more viewers would have been exposed to it, the would have gotten a big following.

  9. TNT should reconsider and bring back Trust Me. It didn't make a good start but the show itself is really promising and should be given another chance.

  10. Loved Trust Me -- one of the best written shows last year. Monica Potter's performance was Emmy award class, although she'll obviously not be recognized.

  11. I think Trust Me was a great show.
    It was mature, which apparently didn't grab ratings cos the kids were too busy watching Power Ranger or some other bull.
    I'm getting so fed up with the watered down crap that channels are showing nowadays about superheroes and vampires.
    Being a 21 yr old male and, IMO, intelligent, its very sad for me to see a great show with nice drama elements get canned.
    I think we are passed the point of no return.
    America is Rome all over again.