Sunday, April 05, 2009

BUZZ: Drew Barrymore & Justin Long, Caius cast for "Twilight," and more

• Former lovers Justin Long (He's Just Not That Into You) and Drew Barrymore will take their relationship to new awkward levels when they pair up for a rom-com called Going the Distance. They'll explore the age-old practice of desperately maintaining a long-distance relationship. What are the chances this film will end with them meeting somewhere in the middle, hopelessly devoted to making it work? Big sigh now. Magic.

• In what world does Nicholas Sparks, famed writer of the very much-loved The Notebook, cook up a novel and a movie specifically for Miley Cyrus? Oh yeah! This one. It's called The Last Song and it's about a rebellious teenager who spends the summer reconnecting with her estranged father. It's time to ditch Disney to get deep.

• I'm not quite sure what book I was reading or if I was even paying attention when I was reading it, but I could've sworn most of the Volturi of the Twilight saga were older vampires. Yet somehow 20-year-old, boyish-looking, Brit Jamie Campbell-Bower (Sweeney Todd) scored the role of Caius, the leader of the ravenous Volturi coven. He looks twelve. I'm flumoxed. If I were Edward, I wouldn't be afraid of him either.

David Cronenberg is supposedly amped to write a sequel to Eastern Promises, but there's no word on whether Viggo Mortensen or Naomi Watts are interested in reprising their roles. I'd love it, but after reading a very intense interview of Mortensen about his process of capturing the character's vibe, I don't think he'd take a sequel lightly. He's of the Christian Bale school of acting, treating a character like a part of his soul and not a note in his checkbook.

• Ever since Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia) dropped out of the lead role in Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder has been scrambling to find her replacement. It's obvious he's looking for someone who appears innocent, since he just nabbed Emily Browning (The Uninvited and Lemony Snicket) to take her place.

Danny McBride (Tropic Thunder) and James Franco (Pineapple Express) want to bring their brand of funny to period pieces. In Your Highness, McBride plays a lazy, obnoxious prince who has to go on a journey with his heroic brother (Franco) to save his father's kingdom. It has to be funny because Franco dropped out of Christopher Nolan's (The Dark Knight) new sci-fi thriller Inception in order to do this. No worries though, Nolan's still got Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, and Ellen Page on his roster.

• Ok, wow! I was on the verge of ignoring a news brief about a remake of the Clash of the Titans, because....well, I like to read my mythology not watch it...unless of course Hercules, Xena, or Cupid are involved. Anyway, it wasn't until I saw the name Sam Worthington attached to it that I stopped to keep reading. Sam Worthington! in the guy who was handpicked by McG to play the first human-looking machine in Terminator Salvation opposite Christian Bale—the same guy James Cameron tapped for the lead role in his adventure flick Avatar. Chances are I'm not the only one who will put aside my indifference for mythological adventures and grab a ticket to see him play Perseus, who's on a quest to save a princess and defeat Hades. I think by the time that that film comes out he'll be at a point in his career where he can do no wrong.

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