Tuesday, May 05, 2009

BUZZ: "Life" Cancelled, Stiller + Witherspoon, Planet B-Boy feature, and more

• ABC Family's "Roommates" & NBC's "Life" were cancelled.

• I originally thought Stephen Rannazzisi's character on "Samantha Who?" was going to sweep Andrea off of her feet, because of their love-hate relationship, but he's just been cast as Steve Howey's ("Reba") roommate on NBC's new comedy "State of Romance." So I guess not.

• Usually when you're asked the question, "Which superpower would you like to have?," most people respond flying or teleportation or even telekinesis. Rarely does anyone wish to be invisible. Well in the crime comedy The Forgotten, the lead character isn't quite invisible as he is easily forgotten. Everyone forgets him after five minutes of meeting him "no matter what he does or whom he meets." Naturally, he's left to a lonely existence, but "when the son of a long-lost friend is charged wrongly with murder, he uses his powers to get to the bottom of a conspiracy." Sounds like it could be filled with great comedic moments and dramatic scenes. We'll see.

• I'm a little excited about this new Ben Stiller + Reese Witherspoon comedy called Used Guys. It "takes place in a future run by women, who clone and trade men like used cars." That's not why though. Originally Jim Carrey was supposed to co-star with Stiller as returned, outdated models who go in search of their masculinity. But when that fell through, they tweaked the plot so it now focuses more on the relationship between Stiller as a clone and Witherspoon as a clone owner. It makes it gender-friendly, because it's less about bashing controlling women and more about exploring the hierarchy within relationships...in a funny way.

• I'm not usually interested in dramas, but Danny Strong ("The Recount") is adapting Wil Haygood’s Washington Post article, the "true story of Eugene Allen, a black man who served as a White House butler for 34 years starting in 1952. He ended up serving eight presidents and had a unique front row seat as political and racial history was being made." Now that's an interesting story.

• The romantic comedy I Love You Too is about a postal worker (Australian Brendan Cowell) and a "gifted" dwarf (Peter Dinklage from Prince Caspian) who are trying to win the hearts of their dream women (Supermodel Megan Gale and Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski). I hate to sound idiotic but I think any movie with a dwarf, especially the incredibly funny Dinklage, trying to woo a girl would be super cute. Plus, Dinklage has a way of making you forget what height he is. His eyes and dry wit draw you in.

• There's a comedy in the works where a 21-year-old gets promoted over his dad and becomes his boss. Someone like Adam Brody could be funny in that.

• The documentary Planet B-Boy is being adapted into a feature film. It'll be about a "legendary b-boy crew that must return to its roots to reclaim the world championship by competing against the top international breakdancing teams." I hope they go all over the world: Paris, Japan, etc. and that the team is diverse as well. This is a great opportunity to feature some up-and-coming talent.

• I can't believe they're remaking Drop Dead Fred. Total classic. It was so bizarre, yet pretty damn funny. It's about woman who re-manifests her childhood imaginary friend, and can't get rid of him. I heard a while back that an imaginary friend storyline was being thought-up but I guess there will be a slew of them a la mall cop. This one will star Russell Brand.

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