Monday, May 11, 2009

NEW SINGLE: Rihanna & Lady Gaga's "Silly Boy"

"You had a good girl/but didn't know how to treat her/Silly boy/get out of my face!"
I wonder who this song could be about. (*cough*Chris Brown*cough*) Honestly, with all the distorted voices I can't even tell when Gaga jumps into the track, but I'm sure every girl who's been scorned will blast this on their iPods throughout the entire summer. Now, for a killer video. They should get crazy in it and I don't mean fashion-wise. Leave the dress-up for less emotion-driven songs like, "Let's Dance." Throw things, reject men, play-out vengeance schemes. This could be big!

Update: According to Kanye's website, Lady Gaga claims she's not the one singing on the song, which explains why it doesn't sound like her.

Update Part 2: According to Kanye's website, that isn't Rihanna singing either. Should've known she wouldn't have the balls to sing those lyrics.

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