Monday, June 29, 2009

BOX OFFICE: Transformers at #1, Hurt Locker's Critical Acclaim, and more

Woa! $112 million! Unfreaking believable. I'll be adding to that load this Tuesday when I watch Shia, Megan, and the rest of the humans battle alongside the Transformers for what I hear is a kickass alien robot war. This 4th of July weekend could be a record breaker for both Michael Bay and the film industry in general. In other box office news, The Hurt Locker, an indie war drama starring Jeremy Renner ("The Unusuals") and Anthony Mackie (Notorious), opened in four theaters with rave reviews and a decent $144,000. This could mean big things for Renner, whose star is shining bright despite his minor accomplishments. Cameron Diaz's adaptation My Sister's Keeper didn't fare as well with the critics, but it came in at #5 with $12 mil. Considering people don't normally jump at the chance to see depressing dramas in the summer, that's not bad.

The Proposal stayed strong at #2, reaching $69 mil. It's amazing what Ryan Reynolds' naked body can do for Hollywood's pocket. The Hangover continues its reign at #3 with $247 mil after only a month. Year One isn't down for the count just yet. It may have slid to #6, but it's managed a hearty $32 mil in two weeks. Not bad for such an odd premise. Several films retired from the top 10 this weekend: Land of the Lost with $49 mil, Terminator Salvation with $323 mil, and Imagine That with $14 mil. Away We Go, however, moved into the top 10, grossing $4 mil.

This 4th of July weekend, the adults can go watch the crime thriller Public Enemies, drop the kids off to see the animated Ice Age sequel, and occupy the teenagers with Nia Vardalos's (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) romantic indie I Hate Valentine's Day.

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