Saturday, June 06, 2009

BUZZ: New Villain on "Heroes," Pine & Denzel, Rudd & Nicholson, and more

• Thank God! The new "Heroes" villain has been revealed and it won't be Ali Larter (Obsessed). No, they've tapped a professional menace to society, Prison Break's T-Bag Robert Knepper. He'll be known as Carnival Barker, a charismatic evildoer with a twisted sense of humor, who crosses paths with each hero much like Jacob did in the season finale of "Lost." I don't think he'll have as great of an effect on their lives, but he'll definitely make an impression. In other "Heroes" casting news, Claire gets two college roommates, played by Madeline Zima ("Californication" and "The Nanny") and Rachel Melvin (Chelsea on "Days of Our Lives"). Melvin might become a season regular since her character shares a connection with Claire--most likely supernatural in nature.

• What is with Denzel Washington's sudden fascination with trains? Is it an old person fetish? Next weekend, he'll star opposite John Travolta in The Taking Pelham 1 2 3, a train-related action thriller, and in 2011, we'll see him in a train-related action drama called Unstoppable with Star Trek's Chris Pine. Instead of facing off against a vengeful enemy, this time he'll team up with a rookie conductor to stop a runaway train overloaded with explosive liquids and poisonous gas.

Christopher Gorham (Henry on "Ugly Betty") is finally getting some big screen face-time after almost 10 years of series hopping: "Popular," "Felicity," "Jake 2.0," "Harper's Island," etc. He'll play a struggling novelist to who has to compete against a successful ad exec (Michael Landes from Possession) for the heart of beautiful woman on the hunt for Mr. Right. The bigger news, I suppose, is that Alyssa Milano is playing the beautiful woman. She hasn't lead a successful film since...ever.

Paul Rudd's appeal is so magical that he can even get 72-year-old Jack Nicholson to return to the big screen for his first rom-com in six years. Nicholson will play Rudd's dad, while Rudd tussles with Owen Wilson for Reese Witherspoon's affections. Sounds like a ball of laughs.

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