Monday, June 22, 2009

TRAILERS: Zombieland & The Stepfather

Ok, there's scary and then there's hahahaha that was scary. Zombieland is the latter. Starring Woody Harrelson (which is funny in and of itself), Jesse Eisenberg (Adventurland...yet another land he ventures to), Emma Stone (The House Bunny), Abigail Breslin (yeah, you read that right, Little Miss freaking Sunshine), Amber Heard (Never Back Down), and Bill Murray. Alright so, prepare for some gore that's even bloodier than Resident Evil, but also prepare to crack a smile a la Sean of the Dead, because this plot is off-the-charts bizarre: Apparently, this gang of misfits have to fend off a world overrun by zombies.

Remember the differentiation I made above, well The Stepfather is the former. But it's even worse, because it advertises itself as a thriller about a young guy who suspects his mom's new husband to be a well-known serial killer, but then smacks you with enough horror scenes to make you cringe and flinch in your seat. Penn Badgely (Dan on "Gossip Girl") and Dylan Walsh ("Nip/Tuck") go head-to-head, while Amber Heard (oh my god, will she go away already) nearly loses hers:

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