Monday, June 22, 2009

TV NEWS: Heigl & Knight's Departure from "Grey's"?, Haley's Sister on "One Tree Hill," and more

Shantel VanSanten has been cast as Haley's sister on "One Tree Hill." The newcomer is already set to make her official debut this August in the teen thriller The Final Destination. Also joining the cast, or rather returning, is Danneel Harris (Rachel), who ventured off into feature films like Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and Fired Up.

• It's official Katherine Heigl is staying on "Grey's Anatomy," which means Izzie will live. Meanwhile, T.R. Knight has decided to move on to Broadway. But that doesn't mean that George is dead. Since his face was butchered in the accident, there's a chance a new actor will take on the role. I hope they make sure that this new guy mimics Knight's mannerism otherwise it'll just seem like a stranger.

• My prediction of Ethan being the victim of Annie's hit-and-run must be off, because word is they'll explain Dustin Milligan's absence by saying that he decided to stay in Montana with his father. Sooooo...I wonder who she hit.

Brian Austin Green, who managed to reinvigorate "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" before it was canceled, signed on for an arc on "Smallville" as the villain Metallo. The bad boy will be powered by kryptonite and bringing mayhem to Metropolis, while posing as a reporter at the Daily Planet. Oooh, I wonder if he'll flirt with Lois.

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