Monday, July 13, 2009

FILM: Bruno at #1, Green Lantern Chosen, Fox vs. Seyfried, and more

• Wowwwwww! Bruno actually opened at #1 with $30 mil this weekend, proving that despite this world's ever-present homophobic climate, we can all still gather as a nation and openly mock a fame-whoring lunatic. It beat Borat by five million more dollars and will probably go on to outdo its $261 mil worldwide gross. Probably. Unfortunately, I Love You, Beth Cooper didn't profit from Hayden Panettiere's attempt to spread the news of her nudity in the film, opening at #7 with a meager $5 mil.

The films from last week suffered minor blows. The Ice Age sequel slipped down to #2 with $120 mil, and Public Enemies was nudged to #4 with $66 mil. Transformers 2 really isn't slowing down despite its new position at #3 with an alarming $672 mil worldwide. Retiring from the top 10 are Night at the Museum 2 with $378 mil worldwide and Year One with $43 mil. This Wednesday, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters and Potter fans are going to go nuts! Adults, who aren't equally in love with the series, however, can take refuge in the romantic indie (500) Days of Summer with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel (Yes Man).

• When given the choice between the soulful singer Justin Timberlake, the smooth-talking, up-and-comer Bradley Cooper (The Hangover), the hasbeen Jared Leto, and the sexy comedian Ryan Reynolds to play the lead in Green Lantern, the studio has officially chosen Reynolds. I wasn't exactly rooting for Timberlake or Cooper, but isn't Reynolds already playing the comic book character Deadpool? This is almost (almost) as alarming as finding out Christian Bale would play John Connor, leader of the rebellion in Terminator Salvation. I mean, I know that it's hard to find an actor who can play heroic convincingly, but should they really be doubling-up?

• Speaking of green-suited heroes, now that Seth Rogen has scored the budget for his writing-and-starring project The Green Hornet, he's working on choosing his female lead. Rumor has it that he's looking at the blonde and leggy Cameron Diaz. Hmmm...

• While Brad Pitt may think that Steven Soderbergh, director of the Ocean's Eleven franchise, can do no wrong, the studio producing his baseball film Moneyball do not feel the same. They've opted to bring Aaron Sorkin ("The West Wing" and Charlie Wilson's War) in to rewrite the film adaptation.

• Okay wait a second. When I initially watched the trailer for Jennifer's Body, I was just amazed by how many lines Megan Fox could memorize (lol), and how creepy yet funny it was. But now I realize, after watching the second trailer, that what it really boils down to is an epic girl fight. Amanda Seyfried and Fox are going to throw down and THAT is something I'd pay to see.

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