Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FILM NEWS: Worthington vs. Cruise, Heigl & Duhamel, and more

• I read a headline that said Sam Worthington, of Terminator Salvation fame, was replacing Tom Cruise in the thriller remake of The Tourist. But if you think about it, Worthington has been replacing a lot of people. Think of it as...recession casting. Who should we get? The 47-year-old once-leading-man for $20 mil or the 33-year-old Mr. Up-and-Comer for $10 mil (if he's lucky)? Having already been christened by a major franchise and heralded by none other than James Cameron for the lead in Avatar, it's no wonder that he's being tapped to helm his own thriller opposite Cameron Diaz. Lucky Cameron. He'll play "an American tourist manipulated by a female Interpol agent in Europe." McG has also recruited him to play Captain Nemo in his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adaptation.

• Children beware. First Alice and Wonderland was turned into a surreal semi-nightmare a la Tim Burton, and now Leonardo DiCaprio's production company is transforming Little Red Riding Hood into a Gothic fairytale. I truly fear what that big bad wolf will look like.

• I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to get tired of seeing the same comedians do movies together...especially after seeing Funny People. Alas, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill, and Jason Schwartzman are teaming up for the travel comedy The Adventurer's Handbook. "Segel would play a talented musician who never got his act together, becoming a backup piano player and an alcoholic. He joins Jonah Hill who plays an engineer isolated from his family, and Jason Schwartzman as a spoiled and cowardly three-time Grammy winner." It sounds like it'll be funny, but I just wonder if there are any other comedians in Hollywood. Hill is co-writing and Akiva Schaffer (Hot Rod) is directing, but relax! Hot Rod didn't suck because of the directing. lol

Katherine Heigl is about to sink her claws into yet another up-and-coming Hollywood hottie when she co-stars with Josh Duhamel in Life As We Know It. They'll play "two unattached adults whose worlds are turned upside down when their mutual best friends die in an accident and name them as caregivers of their orphaned daughter." Beautiful people acting sad...hmm.

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