Monday, September 14, 2009

EVENT: MTV Video Music Awards 2009 Wrap-Up

+ I cringed when I saw that Shakira and Pink were wearing the same mini on the red carpet. But knowing those lovely ladies, they probably didn't care. On a side note, I think Pink wore it better. It matches her personality.+ Madonna's tribute to Michael Jackson was kind of long and self-involved. It was literally an explanation as to why she even has the right to say anything about him and how this affects her. Wow! Get off the stage.

+ I liked that they didn't ask any artists to participate in the tribute because that way no one felt left out. It was just a hoard of talented dancers who totally did Michael justice...except for the one guy who didn't lean forward properly. lol So embarrassing.

+ Everyone was really excited when Janet came on, but there were a few things that seemed a bit off. For starters, she was covered from neck to toe, which isn't very Janet. Then, of course, there was the fact that she wasn't really on-point with the synchronized dance moves, when she was trying to match the video they did together displayed on the monitor behind her. But maybe she was a little nervous because of how much the performance meant to her and the audience. Then again, it could just be the first signs of a dwindling career. The end always seems to officially start with sub-par performances. Just look at past appearances by Britney, Whitney, and even Michael himself.

+ Somehow Taylor Lautner managed to not sound like a spaz when he said: "You know, Shakira, every She Wolf needs a good werewolf." So adorable. lol She would eat you alive.

+ Taylor Swift won an award that Kanye West believed Beyonce deserved. Actually, he believed it so much that he went up on stage, took the microphone from Taylor, and told the whole world, robbing her of her opportunity to accept her first VMA award. Such. a. dick. Actually, Katy Perry said it best on Twitter: "F– you Kanye. It's like u stepped on a kitten."

+ Taylor performed in a train station and a train, then took the show on the road to the front of Radio City. Insane! Coolest location for a concert.

+ Lady Gaga performed and...died on stage. I can't fucking believe it. Quite the metaphor. A very, very vivid metaphor. But not outrageous enough for me to forget that Kanye West is still a dick.

+ Russell Brand made some pervy comment about Megan Fox and the idiot camera man fixated on Katy Perry. They're not interchangeable.

+ Beyonce performed and much like the video (Kanye) it was only good because of the dancing. There wasn't much of a set or an atmosphere. It was kind of lame.

+ The All-American Rejects performed with the house band during the commercial break and the lead singer, Tyson, was shirtless with silver glitter all over his shoulders and neck. I secretly believe this is a mockery of Edward's glittery skin in Twilight. lol

+ The DJ AM tribute was nicely done.

+ When Lady Gaga accepted her New Artist award from Eminem, she was wearing a red-lace mask. I was dying for her to take it off so that she could accept her first award as herself, instead of a fake persona, and BAM she handed her award to Eminem and ripped it off her face to say the best line I've ever heard in a speech: "This is for God and for the gays!" [Oh! And yes, her dress is see-through.]

+ Serena Williams used her introduction of Pink's performance to make light of her major outburst on the tennis court this weekend that cost her the match.

+ Pink's performance was visually the second best of the night. She performed some seriously impressive synchronized aerodynamics. Gaga's was the best.

+ When Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg presented, they imitated the sound effects Boys II Men used to make in their songs, and Beyonce joined in from the audience. That was the second coolest thing she did. The first would be giving up the time she would have to accept her Video of the Year award to Taylor Swift so she could have the three minutes of glory she totally earned. GO TAYLOR!

+ During Jay-Z's performance, he throws his Yankee cap into the crowd and whoever caught that is flying high right about now.

+ The sparkly navy blue leggings that Alicia Keys wore during her performance with Jay-Z will most likely be sold out before the end of tomorrow. They just scream New York!

+ Lastly, does anybody know why Lil Mama was on stage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys at the end of their performance? I mean, their final pose was symmetric like she was supposed to be there, but she never had a microphone. So bizarre.

Great night! Way better than last year!

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