Sunday, September 20, 2009

FILM NEWS: "Pirates" 4 Plot, "Sex and the City" Scoop, Angelina Returns in "Wanted" Sequel, and more

• It's official. The next Pirates of the Caribbean film, subtitled On Stranger Tides, will "deal with a pirate named Jack Shandy in a race against the legendary pirate Blackbeard and his crew of both living and undead to reach the Fountain of Youth."

• The breakout star of District 9 just scored (if that's what you want to call it) a role in The A-Team. He'll play Capt. "Howling Mad" Murdock, who is a "highly skilled helicopter pilot who was officially declared mentally unstable and spent much of the series residing in a psychiatric hospital (though its hinted more than once his insanity is a ruse)."

• There are a lot of rumors about the Sex and the City sequel making the rounds. From Samantha taking fertility drugs to Carrie and Big being hit by the recession, resulting in a separation and adultery. Most recently the gossip sites have been passing around a picture of Samantha in a wedding gown and news that Jason Lewis will be returning. Now I'm reading that Max Ryan (Death Race) is joining the cast to play the object of Samantha's affections. Uh-oh! Does that mean Smith has competition? Boy fight!

• Fans of Timur Bekmambetov's Wanted, who are dying to see the sequel, might be happy to know that Angelina Jolie will be returning. I know, she died. But apparently those "healing baths" can also revive the dead. I know. I know. Whatever, Angelina is back! lol

• Good news for lovers of the Wall Street classic. Charlie Sheen will reprise his role for a few scenes. Maybe he'll give Shia Labeouf a few tips on how to deal with the Gekko.

Nicholas Cage opted out of the villain role in Seth Rogen's Green Hornet. Apparently, they couldn't nail down his deal, which is Hollywood-speak for "he thought he was worth more than he actually is." Unfortunately, it left Rogen high and dry in the middle of shooting. Now he has to find a quick replacement. I, personally, think casting a villain is very difficult. Then again, for every Bullseye (Colin Farell in Daredevil) there's a Joker (Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight).

• We haven't seen Halle Berry in a while. The last film I saw her in was 2007's Things We Lost in the Fire. So her next film would have to be quite the eye catcher. What she has in store for us are the dramatic adaptation of Marko King's Frankie and Alice, where she'll play a schizo with a racist alternate personality, and the action thriller Dark Tide, about a shark-attacked diving instructor. Hmmm, not bad.

• Anytime someone wins the lottery, the idea is that it makes your potentially crappy life exponentially better. Now imagine that you're a serial killer and you win the lottery. What do you do? Do you keep killing people...with more expensive equipment? Or do you decide it's time to pursue your lifelong crush like the character in the indie comedy Lucky? It's quite the dilemma. The film will star Colin Hanks and Ari Graynor (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist), two underappreciated and very funny actors.

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