Monday, September 21, 2009


I just read in EW that the Irish pop band The Script is going to be playing on an upcoming "90210" episode. I first heard their music by accident. I clicked on a song by The Fray on youtube and it was in a playlist, which then automatically jumps to the next song once you're done with the one you chose. And it just so happened that this particular youtuber's playlist was filled with The Script, so I just left it on until I reached a song I didn't want to listen to.

At first, when I heard the track "We Cry," I thought it sounded very much like Bono or Sting (and yes, they're interchangeable to me) with a little R&B edge. It was a nice twist on the sound that The Fray made so popular last summer.

They're actually best known for their romantic ballad "The Man Who Can't Be Moved," which has a persistent message. Then there's "Talk You Down," which I like because of the line "If you go/I go," but some of the melody is a little snooze-worthy. "Breakeven" is also worth mellowing out to. But the rest of the album is much of the same, except "I'm Yours," which sounds like a wedding song.

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