Sunday, October 25, 2009

FILM: Butler vs. Fiennes, Selena Gomez's 1st Feature, Ryan Kwanten as a Hero?, and more

Gerard Butler finally scored a role that isn't all fluff. He'll co-star in the Shakespearean adaptation of Coriolanus as the enemy of Ralph Fiennes' (The Reader) title character. John Logan (Gladiator) is adapting "the tragedy about a devoted and arrogant soldier whose political machinations and military might gain him heroic status, but ultimately lead to his assassination." The position he's put himself in is sort of a catch-22. If it does badly, it just proves that his career is slowly tanking. But if it does well, it'll just prove that he's only profitable when he's in a period piece.

Timothy Olyphant is comically claiming scheduling conflicts for why he can't be in the sequel of Hitman. Apparently, he's starring in the FX series "Lawman," so he can't film it. Just tell them that it sucked Timmy.

Selena Gomez is starring in her first feature film, What Boys Want, where she'll play a teenager who can hear what guys think. Obviously it'll be PG, unlike the everyday thoughts of the male gender, which'll make it lame.

Susanne Bier, the director of Things We Lost in the Fire, is in negotiations to direct the rom-com Which Brings Me to You. Even though I didn't love her last film, this one has an interesting plot: "The story centers on a single man and single woman who meet at a wedding and begin a relationship in which they write letters describing past romances and missteps." I hate to repeat this cliche, but people just don't write letters anymore. And I'm excited to see what one would sound like in our technologically diluted generation.

• A sequel to the dance film Stomp the Yard subtitled Homecoming is in the works, but Columbus Short, the star of the original film who benefited from its success, won't be reprising his role. Casting is in the works.

Ryan Kwanten ("True Blood") had 15 minutes of fame and he's looking to capitalize on it by signing on for as many films as he can. Unfortunately, the first film he signed on for since his skyrocketing success was Griff the Invisible, a film about a "superhero by night/office worker by day whose world is turned upside down when meeting a cute scientist lady who takes a particular interest in him." Something about that just sounds really low budget and tacky, like My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

• So far Slumdog Millionaire has been the only film about Indian people that has been successful in the last decade. So my fingers are crossed for Nayan Padrai's indie romantic comedy When Harry Tries to Marry. "The story involves a rich, 22-year-old Indian-American college student who shocks his assimilated Indian family with his desire to skip the whole 'love marriage' thing and opt for a traditional arranged one with an Indian girl instead. The situation becomes more complicated when his feelings for a longtime American friend deepen." It'll star relative unknowns just like Slumdog did, but hopefully the trailer will help it sell itself.

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