Saturday, November 28, 2009

TRAILER: Ben Stiller & Noah Baumbach's "Greenberg"

Noah Baumbach (Margot at the Wedding and The Squid and the Whale), who's sort of known for awkward tales of lost characters who only find balance in the harsh truths of life, developed the dark comedy Greenberg with actress Jennifer Jason Leigh (Margot at the Wedding). Starring Ben Stiller, it follows a New Yorker who moves to LA in order to figure out his life while he housesits for his brother (Chris Messina from Julie & Julia). Soon he starts to come out of his shell with the help of his brother's assistant (Leigh).

It's not often that Stiller stars in an indie (Envy), nor is it often that said indie succeeds critically or financially, but when he does, he tries to step as far outside of his comedic box as is physically and emotionally possible. With this film, I think he completed that mission. He's like no other version of Stiller you've ever seen (or I've ever seen), and that alone is reason to watch the trailer, if not to catch glimpses of the supporting cast: Rhys Ifans (The Boat That Rocked), Juno Temple (Year One), Brie Larson ("The United States of Tara") and newcomer Dave Franco ("Privileged" and the new season of "Scrubs"). My favorite line is actually the last one:
"I'm freaked out by you kids, because your parents were too perfect at parenting—all that Baby Mozart and Dan Zanes songs. You're all ADD and carpal tunnel. I hope I die before I end up meeting one of you at a job interview."

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