Thursday, December 24, 2009

TRAILER: Anniston & Butler's "The Bounty Hunter" vs. Cruise & Diaz's "Knight & Day"

I was reluctant to believe that Jennifer Anniston could survive in an action movie. After watching the trailer for her romantic action film The Bounty Hunter, where she plays a bail-jumping reporter who's being hunted by the mob while her ex (Gerard Butler) tries to turn her in to the police for a profit, I was a little more convinced. But the truth is I saw this after I saw the trailer for Knight & Day, which I had even less expectations for. I haven't been a fan of Tom Cruise since he started his whole Scientology campaign. Dude, I don't shove my religion down your throat, don't shove yours down mine. But he won me (and many other former fans) back after busting a move in a fat suit in Tropic Thunder, so I cut him some slack when he cast himself a leading actress ten years younger than him for his upcoming romantic action film Knight & Day, where he plays a super spy who has to protect a civilian who witnessed too much. However, Cameron Diaz is...I wouldn't say she's out of his league. It's more like she's playing a different game. She's hilarious, kooky, and not afraid to make a fool out of herself. It turns out she's the perfect co-star for him--despite the height difference. Comparing the two, I've decided the Cruz-Cameron film has better action and better humor. What do you think?

Release Date: March 19

Release Day: July 2

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  1. Cruise's new movie has a production cost of $90 million and still counting. It is being filmed on location in 5 different countries so I think it is going to be a Big summer hit. I did think though that Cruise was over-eager in his delivery in the trailer. But it should be a fun movie.

    Aniston's film looks funny, but it does lack that "gloss" that a big production budget gives a film. But, it has a great supporting cast including Christine Baranski and Jason Sudakis and should be a fun spring film.