Thursday, December 24, 2009

TRAILER: John Cusack's "Hot Tub Time Machine"

I did not expect much from a movie with this title, but after watching the trailer, I've officially been sold. Despite the title, there's an actual premise to this film. Ok so it's a little far-fetched that four guys (John Cusack, The Office's Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and Greek's Clark Duke) would go to a ski lodge and discover that the cabin's hot tub has brought them back to 1986, but getting a glimpse of the past helps Cusack's character realize the mistakes he's made in his love life. Where does the humor come in? It's the 80s! The references mixed with the comparisons to the present generation make for some funny ass moments. I love the last scene of the trailer when the kid tries to get a girl's number and then realizes that she doesn't have a cell, can't text him, facebook him, or update her Twitter. Hilarious! Think about it. We'd all be screwed if we went back to the 80s. Plus side though, Michael Jackson would be there. I would totally warn him. lol

Release Date: March 19

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