Thursday, December 24, 2009

TRAILER: Jude Law & Forest Whitaker in "Repo Men"

I think Jude Law enjoyed all the action-packed adventure he had on the set of Sherlock Holmes, because signing on for this film seems out of character. I really feel like Jason Statham could've easily slipped into this role.
Law plays a repo man of the biological nature. In the near future, a company will provide artificial organs to people on their death-bed. If they don't keep up with their monthly payments, the repo men cut the organs out of them. There isn't a hospital room that they escort them to or a sterlized wagon they drive up to their home. They just spontaneously show up and carve it out of them. The story gets interesting when Law's character electrocutes himself during a job and is in need of a heart transplant. Luckily, the company jumps at the chance to give him an artificial one. Since they employ him, it shouldn't be a problem to make payments, right? Well apparently, becoming one of the needy makes it difficult for you to kill one. Failing to follow orders makes him expendable. And who better to take back his heart than his partner and best friend (Forest Whitaker). As is the norm, he begins a one-man quest to take down the company in order to stay alive! Liev Schreiber stars as the face of the company and Alice Braga plays Law's love interest.

Release Date: April 2

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