Saturday, January 30, 2010

FILM: Will Ferrell says "I Do" & Seth Rogen wants Michelle Williams to "Take This Waltz"

Earlier this week, I read that Will Ferrell was going to be in a romantic comedy about avoiding relationships. I thought it had a pretty funny concept and I was on board. Then I read that Seth Rogen was doing a romantic drama with Michelle Williams about his attempts at wooing a chronic cheater, and I immediately sighed. I like Seth Rogen. He's a funny guy. I don't want to see him stuck in a rut, doing the same fat schlub routine for the rest of his life. However, I also don't want to watch him play a guy who must have low enough self-esteem to figure that the best he can do is a girl who sabotages all of her relationships. Sure, it pegs him as sensitive and the romantic hero, but why can't anyone cast him as the guy the girl wants from the beginning, instead of the guy they seemingly force themselves to fall in love with (i.e. Knocked Up,  Zack & Miri Make a Porno, Observe and Report)?

Allow me to elaborate. Ferrell signed on for I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single, a remake of the 2006 French film. He'll play "a 40-something bachelor pressured by his mother and seven sisters to settle down and get married, prompting him to ask a friend's sister to leave him at the altar so that everyone will leave him alone." I imagine he'll fall for the girl anyway (even if the character doesn't in the French film, because that's America for ya), but at least he's not as pathetic sounding as Rogen's character. In Take This Waltz, "a young woman struggles with her infidelities and the budding realization that she may be addicted to the honeymoon period of her relationships." Sounds like an intriguing starring vehicle for a female actress. But the guys will most likely take a beating in this, and I'm just sad that guy has to be Rogen. Perhaps it's more believable than say...rejecting James Franco, but it's just not fair.

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