Sunday, January 17, 2010

TRAILER: Forest Whitaker, America Ferrara, and Carlos Mencia's "Our Family Wedding"

This March, Forest Whitaker and comedian Carlos Mencia are going head-to-head in the comedy Our Family Wedding. It's like someone stayed up all night watching Guess Who and Meet the Fockers, then had an epiphany. What if a Mexican girl wanted to marry a black guy, and their fathers, being the old school racists that they were, let their egos interfere with their parental obligations?

I'll admit the first time I heard that Whitaker was doing a comedy and America Ferrara was playing Mencia's daughter, I was a little skeptical. Then when the trailer started and I spotted Ferrara's no-name love interest Lance Gross (Meet the Browns and "House of Payne"), my enthusiasm faded even more. The cliches were piling up and the predictable plot was beginning to wear on me, but then I nearly died laughing when Whitaker argued that it's unfair to have a fully Mexican wedding and that they should include African American traditions. I'm an African American Dominican and I can assure you, we don't. ROFL! The electric slide? Are you kidding me? That is not a tradition. That is a dance style. This might actually be funny.
Release Date: March 12

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