Friday, February 26, 2010

TV NEWS: Becki Newton's new series, "Deep End" Cancelled?, "Greek" Renewed, and more

• "Ugly Betty" hasn't run its final episode yet, but its cast members are already auditioning for their next gig. Becki Newton (Amanda) was lucky enough to get her very own series. She'll star in the hour-long romantic comedy "Love Bites." "The potential series, exec produced by Sex and the City’s Cindy Chupack, will follow three loosely connected stories of love, dating, and marriage each week." The best part is that she'll be playing against type. Amanda was cynical, dimwitted, and slutty. Her new character, Annie, is "an infectiously bubbly hopeless romantic who also happens to be a virgin."

• "90210" is about to get a little more poisonous. Ivy just got bumped up to season regular, which means that perhaps Liam and Naomi won't be living as happily ever after as they planned.

• While the main lovebirds on "Bones" don't have any plans to hookup anytime soon, that doesn't mean the other loveless characters can avoid Cupid's arrow. In April, Cam is finally getting a steady love interest. She'll meet Elon Gold ("Stacked," left) in a "very bizarre way," and it'll cause a rift between her and her adopted daughter. I would've preferred Richard T. Jones, who played an obnoxious FBI agent, to swoop her off her feet. He makes for a good straight-man.

• You know Uncle Johnathan Gilbert, the guy who left the super-informative journal, on "Vampire Diaries"? Well apparently he's not dead…even though he was born in the 1800s, which means that he didn't just study the vampires, he became one. In April, David Anders ("Heroes" and "24," below) will show up in Mystic Falls to "cause some trouble." I hope it's Katherine-related trouble. In Damon+Elena news, an exec producer is saying that soon "he’ll start to love and understand her as a human being." That sounds like "as a friend." Hmmm, interesting. I think they're just building up their relationship, so when it comes time for him to choose between Katherine and Elena, he'll have a harder decision to make.

• I'm elated to inform you that "Greek" has been greenlit for another season.

• "Castle" is getting a new cop for a four-episode arc.

• "ER" alum Shane West just joined the cast of "Nikita" as the agent in charge of recruitment who is sent to bring the rogue Nikita in.

• I guess ABC's "Deep End" is on the chopping block, since one of its breakout stars Aussie Ben Lawson (left) is in talks to star opposite Sarah Chalke ("Scrubs") in her ABC comedy "Freshmen." But there are also reports that Tommy Dewey ("Roommates" and "The Mountain") is set to star as well.

• For those of you who loved the female lead in ABC's "Past Life" and were kinda bummed you weren't going to see her every week, rest easy. She just scored the lead in the new NBC Jerry Bruckheimer drama, "Chase." She'll play "a U.S. marshal who heads up a Texas unit devoted to hunting down the U.S.' most dangerous fugitives."

• Fans of the criminally-canned SNL alum Casey Wilson will be happy to learn that she's been cast in the new ABC comedy called "Happy Endings." It's about "a couple who, after breaking up at the altar, must figure out how they and their four friends can maintain their relationship." Wilson will play one of the bitterly single friends.

Rachael Leigh Cook (She's All That) is reviving her career by making the move to TV. She already had a guest-spot on "Psych" as Sean's girlfriend, and now she's getting her own comedy series on FOX. In "Nirvana," she'll play the girlfriend of an Indian-American who clashes with his tyrannical immigrant parents. While I wouldn't bet on the series, I will say that the 90s star has grown up a lot since her teen comedy days.

• Do you like USA's "White Collar"? Did you like FOX's "Prison Break"? Then you're going to love FOX's new drama "Breakout Kings," where a U.S. Marshal hires three seasoned criminals to hunt down fugitives.

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