Saturday, February 20, 2010

TV NEWS: "Past Life" cancelled, Kreuk's new series, new "Nikita," and more

• FOX cancelled its reincarnation drama "Past Life."

• Kristin Kreuk fans can rest easy. Even though she's wrapping up her arc on "Chuck," she'll soon start shooting the pilot for Josh Schwartz's CBS comedy "Hitched." It's about "a newly-married couple who return from their honeymoon only to discover that their relationship has only just begun."

Jake McLaughlin (Starz's "Crash," left) has been tapped to play Alex's brother on "Grey's Anatomy," and it's going to be scandalous. Plus, one of the Mercy West docs is getting the boot. Please don't let it be Jackson (Jesse Williams). Way too hot for words.

• Rumor has it that the producers don't want to reveal what year the students are in school on "Glee" because they consider it a "fantasy" high school that can last for as long as they want it to. BUT, they also plan on bringing in new singers/students every season to keep it fresh. Hmm, can the show last without its star cast?

• For those of you who miss Freddie Rodriguez on "Ugly Betty" and "Six Feet Under," you'll be happy to know that he's headlining the new spy CBS series "Chaos." The show is about a group of rogue CIA operatives, and "Rodriguez will play a dedicated and naive agent who believes he can make the world a better place."

Maggie Q (Mission Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard) might be cast in the lead of the CW's "Nikita" reboot. If you remember, she went head-to-head with John McClane and was pretty badass.

Roselyn Sanchez ("Without a Trace") is getting a chance to go off script. She's always cast as the sexy, sultry, sweet girl with a little bit of Latino attitude. But now she's about to take on a role that might change everyone's opinion about her. In ABC's upcoming drama "Cutthroat," Sanchez will play an upscale Beverly Hills widow and soccer mom who runs an international drug cartel. Think "Weeds," except not as funny or breezy. Could be interesting if she can pull it off.

• NBC picked up "Friends With Benefits," a comedy that explores modern-day romance through the eyes of five friends each looking for "the one" but in the meantime settling for "friends with benefits." That just sounds all shades of wrong.

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