Tuesday, March 02, 2010

FILM TOPIC: Can Will Smith play the villain in the remake of Hitchcock's "Suspicion"?

Will Smith is interested in starring in a remake of Hitchcock's 1941 psychological thriller Suspicion. In it:
"a dowdy woman who marries a handsome and charming man despite her wealthy father's disapproval. Soon after their honeymoon, she begins to discover he has proven irresponsible with his investments and has been lying to him. When the man's good-natured friend and business partner suspiciously dies in Paris, she begins to fear that her husband is plotting to kill her for her life insurance." 
Smith isn't really known for playing anything but the pious hero, so I'm interested in seeing how this'll play out with his fans. Do they really want to see Smith as an opportunistic, homicidal gold-digger? Technically, you could say 2008's Hancock was a dry-run. He wasn't completely lovable, and yet the fans still flocked to theaters.

But what makes the remake even more enticing is that the original had a softer ending because the studio didn't want to taint Cary Grant's image. So 70 years later, will they make the same decision? Will they forgo the darker, less humanizing ending to sell the Will Smith image? It's almost like asking, would the studios still have cast Christian Bale in American Psycho if it was shot after he starred in Batman Begins? Can a hero become a villain?

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