Saturday, March 13, 2010

FILM TOPIC: De-Aging Jeff Bridges & The "Tron: Legacy" Trailer

For the reboot of the 1982 sci-fi thriller Tron, subtitled Legacy, they de-aged the 60-year-old Jeff Bridges for flashback scenes. This is the incredible work of CGI. Pretty amazing, right?

I didn't see the original, but from what I gather Garrett Hedlund (Four Brothers and Friday Night Lights) plays the son of a computer programmer who was sucked into a system that forces him to play gladiator games in order to survive. It seems like the system has evolved substantially and it's holding Bridges' character Flynn hostage so he can't destroy it. It's up to his son to bring it down and save him.

However bizarre and farfetched the plot may be, you can't deny how awesome it looks:

Release Date: Dec. 17th
(Found my bday movie!)

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