Saturday, March 13, 2010

TRAILER: "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Teaser

Twilight lovers don't need a trailer to get amped for the next film in the saga. But for you non-book readers and non-Robert Pattinson lovers, you might be curious as to what it has to offer.

First up, there's a new director. Why is that important? David Slade is known for two things: the horror comic adaptation 30 Days of Night, which features a more vicious breed of vampire, and the indie thriller Hard Candy, which has a whole different level of creepiness. You can already tell by the trailer that the film is going to be a lot less glossy and color-rich, and a lot more cryptic and heart-thumping.

This time the plot revolves around two threats to Bella's well-being. Not only does she have to fend off Victoria, who is still out to get her, but she also has to avoid the wrath of the Volturi, who demand for her to be turned into a vampire as previously promised. Victoria is building a young army of savage vamps, so the werewolves and the vamps have to train together in order to prepare for battle. Expect a lot of Jacob vs. Edward moments, plenty of Jacob begging Bella to change her mind, a throwdown of maximum proportions, and, best of all, a kiss between Bella and Jacob.

Dakota Fanning returns as a representative for the Volturi, Bryce Dallas Howard takes over for Rachel Lefevre as Victoria, and newcomer Xavier Samuel plays Victoria's most trusted minion Riley.

I didn't realize the film was coming out so soon (this summer, woa!), but so far I'm unimpressed with the trailer. Maybe if they incorporate some training and battle scenes, and tease the Bella-Jacob kiss, I think I might be more amped for it.

Release Date: June 30

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