Monday, May 24, 2010

TRAILER: Zac Efron's "Charlie St. Cloud"

Plot: "Charlie St. Cloud is a young man overcome by grief at the death of his younger brother. So much so that he takes a job as caretaker of the cemetery in which his brother is buried. Charlie has a special lasting bond with his brother though, as he can see him. Charlie meets up with his brother (Sam) each night to play catch and talk. Then, a girl comes into Charlie's life and he must choose between keeping a promise he made to Sam, or going after the girl he loves."
Cast: Zac Efron, Charlie Tahan (I Am Legend), Amanda Crew (The Haunting in Connecticut and Sex Drive), Kim Basigner, Dave Franco ("Scrubs"), Donal Logue ("Life"), and Chris Massoglia (Cirque du Freak).
Verdict: Stock up on tissue boxes, the trailer alone will bring you to tears.

Release Date: July 30
[sorry about the confusion, did me wrong.]


  1. The release date is July 30, can't wait!

  2. Just saw the trailer for "charlie st cloud" and i had tears in my eyes. From what I saw Zac Efron was perfect in a serious role. I cant wait to see the whole movie.
    I think Zac Efron is on hs way to becoming one of hollywoods biggest and best actors. He just keeps getting better and I think he made the right choice to turn down footloose for charlie st cloud!

  3. just saw the trailer, does someone know who sings the song in the trailer????
    amazing movie!!

  4. 1st song: The National "So Far Around the Bend"
    2nd song: Snow Patrol "Run"

  5. Airplanes - B.o.B. ft Hayley Williams :)

  6. finally...someone knew who sings the song in the trailer, thank you!