Sunday, May 23, 2010

TV NEWS: Vanessa Williams joins "Desperate Housewives," "Moonlight" Revival, "Heroes" Movie, US "Skins," and more

Vanessa Williams is rumored to be joining next season's "Desperate Housewives." Let the drama begin.

• "Smallville" fans might be disappointed to learn that Lex Luthor will not make an appearance in the last season.

• There are talks of a made-for-TV movie to wrap up all the storylines in "Heroes." Honestly though, it's been gone for so long, I can't imagine anyone who still remembers what needs wrapping.

• The CW will be airing Alex O'Loughlin's canceled CBS series "Moonlight" this summer.

• The USA Network is producing two new pilots. "Necessary Roughness" will be about a divorced female sports therapist, and "A Legal Mind" will be about a brilliant young man who gets a job at a major corporate law firm, despite his lack of a college degree.

• Syfy is remaking the UK 60s series "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)," where a cop dies and comes back from the dead to rejoin his partner as a ghost.

• MTV decided to "push boundaries" by stealing the plot of the hit British series "Skins" and making a U.S. version. While I'm sure they could be as perverse, they can't be as clever, heartwarming, or intriguing. So good luck!

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