Saturday, November 13, 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: KT Tunstall's "Tiger Suit"

A majority of the songs on my iPod are singles. Sometimes I listen to an entire album and only find one song I like, and sometimes I just download whatever's hot on Z100 or in the Billboard Top 100. I know. Shameful. I think that's what happened with KT Tunstall's first two albums. I only have one track from each: "Suddenly I See" from Eye to Telescope and "Hold On" from Drastic Fantastic. Both were radio hits.

I thought maybe this time I'd listen to the whole album and really give the Scottish folk rock singer a chance to win me over. After listening to all 11 songs off her new album Tiger Suit, I realized that Ms. Tunstall has got a little more fire in her than she's commercially let on. I'm liking the less bubbly side of KT. There are still plenty of up-tempo tunes on the album, like the first single "Fade Like a Shadow" and the addictive "Come On, Get In" and "Madame Trudeaux," but most of the tracks have a more intense, bluesy, tribal, drum-and-chant driven melody. 

"Uummannaq Song"

"Push That Knot Away"

So tell me, how do you like your KT?

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