Saturday, January 29, 2011

FILM REVIEW: Jason Statham & Ben Foster's "The Mechanic"

This was a remake of a 1972 action thriller where a hitman decides to train the son of a man he kills, and the revenge plot against him that he tries to avoid. Normally when there's a remake of a film, I watch the original first to compare. But for this film, I was mostly interested in seeing Jason Statham be Jason Statham...and he didn't disappoint. He was ever-impressive in his spur-of-the-moment escape plans and double-crossing booby traps. Meanwhile, Ben Foster, who was psychotically nefarious in 3:10 to Yuma, amped up his creep-factor to a Sean Penn degree. I thought we were supposed to feel for this kid, but all I felt was uneasiness.
Final Verdict: I realize this is a revenge movie and we're supposed to hate the bad guy, but I didn't just hate this bad guy, I was sincerely afraid of him. Too creeped-out to even rewatch. Plus, the trailer does not hint towards the amount of blood and nudity that's in this film. Totally should've read the rated-R rating.

Best Line: "Roofie? You want me to kill him, not rape him, right?"
—Steve (Foster) to Arthur (Statham)
Second Best Line: "There's a gun on the left-hand side."-Arthur on the phone to Steve who is surrounded by gun men. "I'm not a leftie."-Steve "Then you're going to die."-Arthur

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