Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I tried my very hardest to give this series a fighting chance…alas, it failed miserably. I'm not even going to compare the original and this remake scene-by-scene. It's not worth it. It doesn't matter that Tony's sheets were spiders instead of naked headless bodies, indicating right-off-the-bat that he's a sex-crazed sociopath, or that they changed the musically talented black girl into a musically talented Asian, shamelessly stereotyping, or that they switched the gay guy to a lesbian, feeding into every homophobe/teenage boy's fantasy. I'm not even going to dwell on the bleeping or creative ways they worked around showing naked bodies. There's no need. Those are all minor complaints in the wake of the major issue.

The fact is they basically redid the entire British series with an American accent and bad acting. And what they should've done instead was use the same agenda: Showing what middle class American teenagers behave like and what's affecting them today. MTV should be experts on that. They have like a billion shows dedicated to exploiting exploring teenage insecurities. If they wanted to show the British series, they should've just bought the rights, then bleeped and blurred some shit.

You know, it's interesting that one of the characters knocked "Gossip Girl," since, if you think about it, "Gossip Girl" is America's "Skins," and MTV should've thought of it first. I second a Tweeter's worries that so many teenagers will unwittingly fall for this poor imitation, and never realize what they're missing out on. Fellow lovers of the original series, spread the word far and wide: Nothing can top the original!

Check out a breakdown of the characters this series is based on.

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