Sunday, February 13, 2011

TRAILER: Rashida Jones & Chris Messina's "Monogamy"

PLOT: Theo (Messina) is preoccupied by his pending engagement (Jones) and bored with his job as a wedding photographer—the generic backgrounds, the artificial posing, the stilted newlyweds—so he develops an unconventional side business, called "Gumshoot," a service where clients hire him to stalk them with his camera. Becoming infatuated with one of his clients, a mystery woman who goes by the name Subgirl (Dohan), Theo develops a voyeuristic obsession that forces him to confront uncomfortable truths about himself and his impending marriage.

CAST: Chris Messina (Julie & Julia and Away We Go), Rashida Jones ("Parks & Recreation" and The Social Network), Meital Dohan ("Weeds")

VERDICT: I love Messina, but I hate when films try to justify and explain the male gender's non-committal "nature." No matter who or what they blame it on, it always sounds like an excuse. And watching this will be like listening to a two-hour long excuse. There is the off-chance that the writing duo will explore the real reason men don't commit—deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and insecurity—but I'm not willing to wade through all the perverted voyeurism to find out.

Release Date: April 24 (limited)

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