Saturday, March 05, 2011

CRUSHWORTHY: Pablo Schreiber from Happythankyoumoreplease

Where you've seen him: As Nick on "The Wire," and most recently in the indie Happythankyoumoreplease
Why he's Crushworthy: He was playing a dreamer who clashed with his lady love on where they should settle down, East coast or West. As the film progressed, it seemed they grew further and further apart. He was deadset on convincing her that NYC  was soul-crushing and that sunny California was the Mecca for creativity. Nothing about his tactics or motives was charming or endearing, but when he was faced with the final ultimatum and sucker-punched with an even heavier load of responsibility, he didn't crumble under its weight. He didn't do the chivalrous thing—which would suggest adhering to obligations—he did the unexpected. He forfeited what he wanted for what they needed. It's difficult to play on the audience's emotions—making them judge you one minute and fall in love with you the next—but Schreiber pulled it off.
Where you can see him next: The indie drama After and the war thriller Recalled with Aidan Quinn, Malik Yoba (Why Did I Get Married?), Seth Gabel ("Fringe"), and rapper Bow Wow.

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