Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VIDEO: Beyonce's "Let's Move! Flash Workout"

Beyonce teamed up with the First Lady Michelle Obama to encourage children to eat healthy and exercise. She re-wrote and re-recorded her song "Get Me Bodied" to record a dance routine that kids can follow along with as a fun 4-minute exercise. The video is orchestrated like a flash mob in a cafeteria with children of all ages who are great dancers.

I love that a chubby kid initiates the dance, that it's mostly minorities in the video, and that they left Beyonce's dance flub in. There's a part when she sings "Now run to the left" and she runs right while everyone else runs left and you can tell she screwed up, but they just let it play and then cut to a take where she's doing it right. It shows kids that it's ok to make a mistake.

Um so, I realize this is for kids, but I so want to go home and memorize this. lol

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