Sunday, May 01, 2011

TRAILER: Henry Cavill's "Immortals"

PLOT: Greek warrior Theseus (Cavill) battles against imprisoned titans.

DIRECTOR: Tarsem Singh (The Cell and The Fall)

CAST: Henry Cavill ("The Tudors"), Mickey Rourke, Luke Evans (Clash of the Titans), Freida Pinto, Kellan Lutz, Stephen Dorff

VERDICT: Is it just me or does it look kind of fake, like it's aiming for 300 cinematography and not quite getting there? And I'm usually so impressed with Singh's visual creations. *sigh* Either way, I'm not as pumped for this as I was that film. I think I need to see another trailer before fully deciding. However, it would be interesting to see Cavill in a lead role before he dons the Superman cape.

Release Date: Nov. 11

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