Thursday, June 30, 2011

ONE-TO-WATCH: Léa Seydoux

Name: Léa Seydoux
Age: 26
Where you've seen her: As the record saleswoman who woos Owen Wilson in Woody Allen's comedy Midnight in Paris, as the wife of Prince John in Robin Hood, and as one of Christoph Waltz's victims in Inglorious Basterds.
Why she's One-to-Watch: One of the shining lights in Woody Allen's latest film was the young, sweet, soft-spoken Léa Seydoux. Don't get me wrong. Marion Cotillard is a beauty. But I remember leaving the theater thinking: Who's that girl? Maybe it was the blonde hair or her peaceful demeanor that complimented Wilson's frenetic personality perfectly, but she seemed to have an ethereal glow about her. It made me wonder what she'd be like as a villain—someone who looks so sweet. It seems like there's more under the surface than she lets on. P.S. She could totally play Kate Moss in a biopic.
Where you can see her next: She'll play the main female villain in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, going toe-to-toe with Paul Patton.

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  1. She is just wonderful in Midnight in Paris. The final scene in the movie with her is one of the best endings I remember having seen thanks to her.