Thursday, August 04, 2011

FILM NEWS: First Look at Henry Cavill as Superman, Bateman Gets High, Stone & Gosling Re-team, and more

Behold, Henry Cavill as Superman:
• I don't know what it is about Jason Bateman that makes me watch all of his movies, but even THIS sounds like a winner: In the pot comedy We're the Millers, "a marijuana dealer recruits a fake family so he can get out of the business after making one last score by smuggling 1,400 pounds of pot from Mexico." Ri-diculous...I'm in. Also, if you could just add Lauren Graham ("Parenthood" and "Gilmore Girls") as the fake mom, that would be great. Thanks.

• Looks like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling enjoyed working together on Crazy Stupid Love so much that they've signed on for another project—this time a crime drama. In the true story of Gangster Squad, a secret 'off the record' police task force in the 1940s pursue a high-profile gangster who is apart of the Jewish Mafia. Stone is said to play a woman who comes between Gosling's good cop character and Sean Penn's gangster character. My money's on her being his innocent daughter who has to choose a side. We haven't really seen Stone stretch her dramatic skills, so it'll be interesting to see her without her electric charm, sardonic humor, and contagious giggle. Also starring are Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad"), Josh Brolin, Michael Pena (Crash), and Anthony Mackie (The Adjustment Bureau).

• It looks like Kevin Bacon is going to base his comeback on darker roles, having impressed as the nefarious Sebastian Shaw in this summer's X-Men: First Class and now signing on to play the villain in the upcoming action thriller R.I.P.D. In the comic adaptation, "a cop (Ryan Reynolds) killed in the line of duty, who is recruited by a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department, tries to find the man who murdered him with the help of an eccentric partner (Jeff Bridges)."

• There's a script floating around for a film titled Motor City where "a small time crook is framed and sent to jail, only to go after those who put him there after he is released." That sort of plot has been done (some might say to death), but what sets this one apart is that there's only one single line of dialogue in the entire film. In contention for the lead role are Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner. Now before you think Captain America impressed me in the slightest, let me assure you the only reason I think Evans is a good choice is because of his impressively suspenseful 2004 action thriller Cellular. I don't remember the details of the film, but I do remember being impressed with Evans' commanding screen presence. I have no doubt that he can carry a wordless film.

• In the period drama The Outsider, an American who spent WWII as a POW in Japan and stays there after the war ends works his way through the rituals and hardships and becomes the rare outsider who gains membership into the Yakuza organized crime syndicate. Whoever gets cast has to seem clean cut but corruptible. I'm thinking Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond, but not specifically him. Hmmm. Any suggestions?

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