Monday, September 19, 2011

TV PILOT REVIEW: CBS's "2 Broke Girls"

One of my favorite rom-coms (and books) is Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. And as a result, one of my favorite comedic indie actresses is Kat Dennings. She's the perfect amount of rebellious, intelligent, and sassy. So needless to say, I was happy to hear that I'd be getting a weekly dose of her.

However, I was a little skeptical that a series whose plot sounded as simplistic as the title would last after the initial barrage of poor jokes were used up. It reminded me of "Mike & Molly." Yes, the series is a hit, and yes, Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy is deservedly one of the breakout stars of the year, but I lost interest in it, because not only am I one of those viewers who prefers the will-they-or-won't-they kind of love story, but because I was tired of the fat jokes. I get it. They're big. And? To me it's the equivalent of using curse words during standup—always settling for the easy laugh.

I was also concerned that the girl who was paired up with Dennings wouldn't be able to keep up. I would've picked someone more like Amber Tamblyn (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Alia Shawkat ("Arrested Development"), Michelle Trachtenberg ("Gossip Girl"), or even Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes"), if blonde is what they were going for. Instead, it seemed Dennings was stuck with newcomer Beth Behrs, who, by the commercials, seemed like she was playing Paris Hilton—five years too late.

But please, don't be fooled by the promos. Her character Caroline isn't as dumb as they make her seem. Yes, she naively walks around in fur coats in poor neighborhoods and sleeps on trains clutching designer luggage, but that's a lack of street smarts not a lack of intelligence. No matter how smart you are, you'll never know how to behave around a certain class system unless you're raised in it. Caroline has a business degree and she's learned a thing or two from her embezzling father on how to capitalize on a profitable opportunity.

After just two days of working at the diner and befriending Max (Dennings), she comes up with the idea to create a business around Max's deliciously addictive cupcakes, which she was underselling and therefore undervaluing—she even sold a few at an inflated price. Before you know it, she crunched the numbers on how much they'd have to sell in order to open their own bakery. And there it was: the reason the series has the potential to last at least two seasons. Following these girls as they navigate this post-recession world—one aspiring to climb her way out of poverty back into the lap of luxury and the other aiming to achieve the diminished American dream of making more than minimum wage—combining their talents, and ill-advisedly mixing money and friendship, should make for a great addition to CBS's Monday night comedy lineup.

"Do you know Paris Hilton?"-Max
"No, she's a hundred."-Caroline

"Don't lie to me. We're not related."-Max to Caroline


  1. Absolute vulgar, white trash humor. Forget about sitting down with your pre or teen kids to watch a family sitcom-there aren't any anymore. Where is the creativity? These writers have no couth. This is just one long 30 minute sexual innuendo that insults the decency and intelligence of good people. Dvd's for us. Even for adults only it is just low class trash.

  2. Whoever paid these writers could have gotten the script for free just by recruiting a half dozen foul-mouthed adolescents with no writing background let alone what are supposed to be our best & brightest college-degreed. Shameful testimony.