Saturday, July 23, 2011

FILM REVIEW: Friends with Benefits

There is a widely accepted and proven theory that men and women can not be friends. Nature and hormones and loads of other psychological reasons prevent it from happening. The obvious solution to that problem is to introduce sex into the friendship so that it's not always floating through their minds. Genius right? Negatory. One or both parties are bound to "catch feelings" and the relationship becomes a ticking emo-bomb. Nonetheless, generation after generation has attempted this form of limited commitment, and this film is a romanticized account of how it goes down.

The premise, however, is not the main attraction. No, Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman already ran that into the ground this January in No Strings Attached. This film's allure is its cast. Unlike Kutcher & Portman, Timberlake & Kunis actually have chemistry and impressive comic timing. They're quick-witted and charming. They have things in common. They compliment each other perfectly. You not only root for them, you wish you were them. You wish that you could find a fuckbuddy who turns out to be your soulmate. Someone who gets that you have abandonment issues because of your flaky parents, has patience with your Alzheimer's-afflicted dad and boundaries-challenged hippie mom, and is as fun to hang with as they are fun to sleep with.

Now go, hopeless romantic viewer. Consider each eligible friend for the position. And remember to use a condom. It's all fun and games until your illegitimate child has explosive diarrhea.

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