Friday, February 10, 2012

FILM: The Top 10 Dates from Romantic Movies

You'd probably be surprised to learn that most romantic films don't actually have dates in them, and most of the ones that do contain your basic dinner-and-a-movie combo followed by a stroll down a boardwalk or a beach. However, some movies have far more memorable outings. Below are the ten best film dates and the recipes to help reenact them, which a certain gender should probably take note of:
#10 // DRUNKEST DATE: 27 Dresses
Ingredients: Alcohol + Karaoke
Kevin (James Marsden) tags along on one of Jane's (Katherine Heigl) wedding-related errands and they end up getting stranded during a storm, so they take shelter in a bar and get drunk enough to lead a spontaneous karaoke night. It's the moment Jane finally lets loose and stops snapping at Kevin long enough to realize how much they have in common.
#9 // BEST BONDING DATE: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Ingredients: Family members + Card game + Competitive nature + Treasonous plot
Ben (Matthew McConaughey) takes Andie (Kate Hudson) to meet his family. During a friendly card game of Bullshit, the family helps Andie cheat so that they can end Ben's winning streak, but he notices their signals to her and playfully flips out. Even though they've both spent a majority of the film trying to con each other, it's the first real moment they have together.
#8 // MOST ROMANTIC DATE: The Wedding Planner
Ingredients: Movie in the park + Spontaneous dancing
After Steve (McConaughey) saves Mary (Jennifer Lopez) from a runaway garbage can hurtling towards her and her stuck Jimmy Choo, he nurses her back to health in his pediatrics ward. When her assistant Penny (Judy Greer) arrives, frantic with worry, she is soon assuaged by Steve's handsome appearance, and ingeniously schemes to make them go on a date. She invites him to the park to watch a black and white romance, then makes an excuse to leave, giving Steve and Mary time to get to know each other. They have a lovely conversation, where Mary reveals a candy-preference quirk and a dorky hobby, and then one of her father's friends basically forces Steve to ask her to dance, as all the other couples in the park have started to mimic the film. They adorably find their rhythm, but before they can kiss, it starts to rain. It's literally like movie magic.
#7 // CHATTIEST DATE: The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Ingredients: Phone + Good phone plan + Conversation topics + Willingness to share
Brian (Ben Chaplin) and Abby (Janeane Garofalo) have a very long phone chat that covers everything from favorite sandwich ingredients to phone sex. Since she is still lying about what she looks like, it's the only way she can really enjoy his company, and the longer they talk the more you're convinced they're meant for each other.
#6 // MOST FUN ON A DATE: 10 Things I Hate About You
Ingredients: Paintball equipment + A sense of humor + willingness to flash (optional)
Kat (Julia Stiles) breaks Patrick (Heath Ledger) out of detention by flashing the detention monitor, who is also her soccer coach, under the guise of explaining a soccer strategy she thought of. Once they're both free and clear, they row a boat to a paintball facility and playfully go to war. For a girl who never has fun, she lets loose like silly string that day.
Ingredients: An extremely impressive location + Private live entertainment
Desperate to impress Naomi (Greta Gerwig), Arthur (Russell Brand) rents out Grand Central Station, halting all foot traffic through the incredibly busy subway station, so that they can have a date in the center of it, complete with an acrobatics show and a lesson in its interesting architecture. It is by far the most expensive and impressive date I've ever seen on film.
#4 // LONGEST DATE: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist & Career Opportunities
Ingredients: A goal (i.e. finding a band or goofing around in a department store after-hours) + Snacks + Immature activities
In both of these films, the romantic leads (Michael Cera & Kat Dennings and Jennifer Connelly & Frank Whales) spend an entire night with each other, experiencing the highs and lows of a relationship, including delving into personal issues and sharing sweet moments, all while having tons of unsupervised fun.
#3 // BEST ONE-NIGHT STAND: Crazy Stupid Love
Ingredients: Dirty Dancing theme song + Ryan Gosling...kidding. Bed + Clothes + A willingness to share
Hannah (Emma Stone) rushes to the bar she met Jacob (Ryan Gosling) at after her boyfriend fails to live up to her expectations, in order to take him up on his one-night stand offer. Once they get back to his place, she demands that he pull out all the stops and use all the tricks he plies his conquests with, including his secret weapon: playing the Dirty Dancing theme song and perfectly executing the iconic "lift." She insists that she wants a one-night stand and to not be treated like a good girl, but she at some point gets distracted and they end up spending the entire night talking about their hobbies, especially his Home Shopping Network obsession, and their family issues. It's the first time he hasn't treated a woman like a sex object, and it's probably the most fun he's ever had with a girl.
Ingredients: Board games + Two-way mirror...or a Blind fold, whichever's easiest
Max (James McAvoy) comes over to play chess with Penelope (Christina Ricci) and in the middle of one of their games, she discovers that he has a secret musical talent, so the next time he comes over, she endeavors to discover what it is, calling in several instruments for him to play. The date technically doesn't end well, but every date they have with a two-way mirror between them brings them closer together than most romantic leads ever get, because they're not worried about the superficial stuff.
#1 // MOST CREATIVE ACTIVITY: Sorcerer's Apprentice
Ingredients: A scientific mind + A laboratory
Becky (Teresa Palmer) is a DJ at her university's radio station, which Dave (Jay Baruchel) listens to. He heard her play the OneRepublic song "Secrets" once, so he rigged a science project he was working on to recreate the music using lightning. It's beauty and uniqueness will blow you away.

What's the best date you've ever seen?

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