Friday, April 20, 2012

FILM: Breakout Stars of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Check out the actors you'll be seeing a lot more of after this year's festival:

Dane DeHaan
Tribeca Film: He costarred in the horror romance Jack and Diane.
Breakout Role: You might think this DiCaprio-esque 25-year-old made his debut in this year's groundbreaking sci-fi horror indie Chronicle, where he played an ego maniacal tyrant buoyed by alien powers, but the truth is he actually got his official start as an inbred werepanther on HBO's "True Blood." He seems to have a knack for playing peculiar characters.
Upcoming Roles: He'll costar in the crime period drama Lawless with Tom Hardy, Shia Labeouf, Jessica Chastain, and Mia Wasikowska; the indie crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Eva Mendes; and the bio drama Kill Your Darlings with Daniel Radcliffe, Elizabeth Olsen, and Michael C. Hall.
Jamie Blackley
Tribeca Film: The 21-year-old Brit costarred with Kate Bosworth in the drama While We Were Here.
Breakout Role: He has a supporting role in Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth's long-awaited fairytale epic Snow White and the Huntsman.
Upcoming Roles: The sequel 300: Battle of Artemisia.
Joel Kinnaman
Tribeca Film: The 32-year-old Swede costarred with Greta Gerwig in the indie comedy Lola Versus.
Breakout Role: The AMC mystery crime series "The Killing," but he was also in the alien action film The Darkest Hour, and the crime thriller Safe House.
Upcoming Roles: He's been tapped for the starring role of the RoboCop remake, and he'll costar in the action adventure The Year is Zero with Noomi Rapace.
Riz Ahmed
Tribeca Film: The 29-year-old British Pakistani costarred with Freida Pinto in the tragic love story Trishna.
Breakout Role: The docudrama The Road to Guantanamo.
Upcoming Roles: He'll costar in the thriller The Reluctant Fundamentalist with Kate Hudson, Kiefer Sutherland, and Liev Schreiber; and the untitled suspense thriller starring Rebecca Hall and Eric Bana.

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