Wednesday, May 01, 2013

TV TOPIC: Where Will the "90210" Stars Go Next?

Yes! It's finally happened. The CW cancelled "90210." Relax. I'm not some bitter bitch who wants to see a bunch of young actors on the unemployment line--or worse, in a string of poorly made horror movies. I'm just happy that Tristan Wilds (Dixon), Jessica Stroup (Silver), Michael Steger (Navid), Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna), and, most importantly, AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi) are free to spread their wings. Five years is a long time in TV land. And spending it on a poorly written series could taint you for life. These kids need to book a ton of guest star spots and show the networks what they can do before everyone completely forgets who they are. Remember Mischa Barton? Yeah, neither does anyone else.

AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi)
She could be a love interest for Cary on "The Good Wife" at his new firm, a nosy reporter on "Arrow," a city friend of Zoe on "Hart of Dixie," who goes after Wade, or a publicist who helps Selina revamp the public's perception of her on "Veep."

Tristan Wilds (Dixon)
He could play a new doctor on "Grey's Anatomy," since they're down a doc and Meredith is on maternity leave.

Jessica Stroup (Silver)
She could play a vampire who catches Damon's eye on "Vampire Diaries," a tree-hugging love interest for the dork on "Underemployed," assuming it isn't cancelled, a new Mike-like resourceful paralegal who works under Harvey on "Suits," or a con artist on "White Collar," who goes toe-to-toe with Peter and Neal.

Michael Steger (Navid)
He could play a new intern on "The Newsroom," since he does fast-talking well, be the victim of politically incorrect jokes on "Veep," or, however inappropriate it may be to say out loud, play Aladdin on "Once Upon a Time." (For the record, he's Ecuadorian, Austrian and Norwegian. Not a drop of Arab, Indian, or Persian in him.)

Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna)
She could play a singer and love interest for Drew on "Parenthood," do a guest spot on "Nashville," or peak Pete's interest on "Mad Men."

Alas, the only actor on the series who actually has a post-"90210" job lined up is Matt Lanter (Liam), who scored a midseason series on The CW called "Star Crossed."

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