Sunday, June 02, 2013

BEST TRACKS:'s "#Willpower"

Much like Timbaland, is a better producer than rapper/singer, but he does have two gems on his latest album that I'd recommend downloading.

The first is "Geekin'," which is basically a geek anthem. If he could get enough technological innovators and recent news-making young nerds, like Spelling Bee champ Arvind Mahankali to be in the video, it could be his first hit single off the album. Innovative videos like the one he did for his first single "This is Love" with Eva Simons could be his bread-and-butter. Especially since shelling out dough for crappy collaborations with Britney Spears ("Scream and Shout") and Justin Bieber ("#thatPower") isn't doing him any favors. He'll learn that for sure after his next single, "Fall Down," featuring Miley Cyrus, hits the airwaves.

My favorite part of "Geekin'" is when he says:
I’m so pay, my friends call me Pay Pal
I make a lot of chips, now they call me Intel
*Intel jingle*

The second song, "Bang Bang," is criminally a bonus track on the deluxe edition. It's an old-timey, 20s flapper tune, complete with scatting, that would seem impossible to modernize, but he manages it by dropping the base right before the chorus for a fist-pumping beat. It would make a great award show performance with a pop star known for her dance skills, like Britney Spears. Her incentive? Proving she's still got it. If she could pull off the 15-second, tap-dancing break towards the end, she'd get a standing ovation. In fact, why not bring out all the pop stars who've been milking throwbacks (Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars) to join them? That would bring down the house.

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