Sunday, March 16, 2008

FILM: Box Office Results - 3/14/08

Horton Hears a Who! trampled its way into the box office, nudging 10,000 B.C. out of the top spot with $45 mil. I see Dr. Seuss has still got it. Never Back Down was a sure bet for 2nd highest this week, since it appeals to younger demographics, and it didn't disappoint, coming in at #3 with $8.5 mil. Doomsday, however, debuted at #7 with a rather pathetic gross of $5 mil for a genre of its nature. The poorly reviewed thriller Funny Games only managed to take in $560,000 in almost three hundred theaters. The Sundance indie Sleepwalking faired even worse, facing unrelenting judgements from critics and a gross of $50,000 in thirty theaters.

As for last week's entries, 10,000 B.C. is at #2 with a steady $61 mil. College Road Trip dropped to #4 with $24 mil. The Bank Job dropped to #6 with $13 mil behind Vantage Point, which is at $59 mil. And Miss Pettigrew Lives for Day, couldn't survive in the top 10 for more than a week, exiting with a truly disappointing $5 mil. This could really hurt Amy Adams' chances of staying a leading lady if it becomes evident that her paying fans are mainly children. Semi-Pro is at #8 with $30 mil, while The Other Boleyn Girl is at #9 with $19 mil. Both The Spiderwick Chronicles and Jumper exit the top 10 after a 5-week run with $65 and $75 mil, respectively.

Next week is prime for comeback artists. The recovering Owen Wilson returns to the big screen with a slew of Superbad preteens in Drillbit Taylor, Tyler Perry reintroduces the once-famed Angela Bassett in Meet the Browns, and former heartthrob Joshua Jackson attempts a full-fledged movie career in the horror flick Shutter. But if you're in the market for heart-wrenching, you might want to see the efforts of a little Mexican boy to reach his mom in the U.S. in the indie Under the Same Moon.

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