Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MUSIC: Jesse McCartney "Leavin"

I genuinely missed Jesse McCartney. In the past, I've downloaded almost every song off his first two albums, Beautiful Soul and Right Where You Want Me...and no, not because I found him attractive. I actually don't...or rather I didn't before. So, I was excited when I saw a new video for "Leavin," a song off his new album Departure (out May 20th). He's been quoted as saying that on this album he'll be going for the musical production of Prince and Michael Jackson, and the star-power vibe of Madonna. However, from his first single I'm getting more of a Justin Timberlake vibe. It's to be expected. He's been compared to the Pop-driven R&B lover since 2004 when he debuted his first album. But with the inclusion of phrases like "walk it out," "just tell him to the left left left," and "girl we flying on a G5 G5," he's obviously trying to tap into the R&B market. Either way, McCartney has a knack for producing catchy songs. Listen and see if it sticks:

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