Wednesday, March 26, 2008

FILM: Twilight Zone "Death Ship" Episode = "Countdown" Movie

There have been so many remakes of Asian horror films lately that people forget that American writers are just as terrifying. Granted, I only know of one (Steven King), but what about the writers of "The Twilight Zone." That series was creepy and mind boggling, so why not turn every single one of the episodes into a movie? lol Alright, just start with one to test the waters.

Summit has decided to rechristen the "Twilight Zone" episode "Death Ship" as Countdown and turn it into a feature film. The author of I Am Legend, Richard Matheson, wrote the original episode. It takes place in outer space where three astronauts are searching for a new world for Earth to colonize. In the process, they spot a crashed spaceship that looks exactly like theirs and quickly discover corpses inside that look just like them. I didn't watch the episode--or the series because I'm a chicken--but that sounds like time travel or...cloning. I don't know. But according to reports, the team has to figure out where they are and whether or not they're already dead. The key thing to remember is that a lot of the series's plots revolve around deja vu, so I doubt the movie will have a happy ending. If you want to spoil the fun and read what happens, click here. However, newcomer Michael Brandt will be making his directorial debut and co-writing with Derek Haas (3:10 to Yuma & Wanted), and they could always give a surprise ending.

Watch a clip of the episode below:

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