Monday, March 31, 2008

MUSIC: Update your Playlist with these tracks...

Here's an "If..then" game. If you liked a hit single from one of these new artists, then I suggest you download these tracks and update your iPod.

If you liked Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I am," then download these tracks from her album Girls and Boys for their ability to capture non-generic, feminine, romantic emotions:
+ "Starting Now"
+ "Far Away"

If you liked Sara Bareilles's "Love Song," then download these tracks from her album Little Voice:
+ "Bottle it up": She admitted that her first single was about the record companies demanding a romantic hit and if you listen to this song it seems like the record companies were really breathing down her neck. I love it when singers sing about what they know, and when she says, "There’ll be girls across the nation that will eat this up/Babe I know that it’s your soul/but could you bottle it up?," I feel like she really captures what it feels like to be constantly asked to be a product instead of an artist, but not in that "woe is me" kind of way.
+ "Vegas": An indie blues song about thinking a new location will help you achieve your goals.
+ "Many the Miles": More and more often, Sara is reminding me of a female John Mayer, especially with this song production-wise.
+ "Come round soon": This one sounds like something Maroon 5 fans would appreciate.
You also might want to try: "Morningside," "Love on the rocks," and "Gravity."

If you liked Kate Voegele when she guest-starred on the CW's "One Tree Hill," then you might enjoy these hope-filled tracks from her album Don't Look Away:
+ "It's only life"
+ "I get it": This would be the first time I've heard a fire in her voice that shows she has Kelly Clarkson-pop/rock potential.
+ "Only fooling myself"

If you liked Brit-import Kate Nash's mischievous "Foundations," then you might want to try these tracks off of her album Made of Bricks:
+ "Shit song": If you happen to be pissed at someone right now, this would be the song to blast. "Darlin' don't give me shit/cause I know that you're full of it."
+ "Mouthwash": This is sort of her declaration song where she has a roundabout way of defining who she is and stating that she refuses to be anyone else.
+ "Pumpkin soup": This is one of a few songs on her album that has a sort of hip hop backbeat, while still sounding like indie pop.

If you liked the band OneRepublic's "Apologize" and "Stop and Stare," then you might want to try these other Snow Patrol-type epic ballads off their album Dreaming Out Loud:
+ "Mercy"
+ "All We Are"

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