Tuesday, April 01, 2008

VIDEO: Kanye's "Homecoming" vs. will.i.am's "Heartbreaker"

Does a song's video concept ever sway you to like it more or less?

I love will.i.am's newest single "Heartbreaker." Ever since I heard it last year during the American Music Awards, it has been a mainstay on my most "Recently Played" list. I love it because it's extremely danceable and the end veers off into a lyric-less ballad--kind of like half of Justin Timberlake's album. I'm not sure why it wasn't an iTunes hit the very next day, but will.i.am felt it necessary to cover his bases and collaborate with UK pop singer Cheryl Cole for the chorus and cut the slow-beat ending before he officially released it onto the masses. Nonetheless, I was excited to see the video for it because of the hot beat and his performance at the awards show. But then I clicked play and was astounded by how low budget and tacky it was. See for yourself:

I had the complete opposite reaction to Kanye West's "Homecoming" video, featuring Chris Martin. When I heard the song, I respected the lyrical content and message, but it wasn't download-worthy. It's sort of a tribute to Chicago/Chi-town and I can't relate. But when I saw the video, I was swayed to like it a little more. He employed this sort of stencil design where you could see him performing on the streets of Chicago through a cut out of Chris Martin playing the piano or see Chris Martin playing through a cutout of Kanye singing, with better graphic quality than those iPod silhouette commercials. See for yourself:

Am I asking too much of will.i.am? I mean, his empire isn't as huge as Kanye's, but I've seen better videos from MySpace artists.

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