Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FILM: Justice League (rumored) cast

The comic book movie Justice League Mortal has had a rumored cast for several months. If you're a fan or a member of the peanut gallery, chime in on whether or not these actors can fill out the superhero suit they're being fitted for.

The Flash: Adam Brody (The O.C.)
Sources describe this superhero as having received his power from a freak chemical accident and being quite the playboy. Hmm.

The Green Lantern: Rapper Common
Green Lantern is a member of a police squad that has super-powered rings that allow them to have control "over the physical world." Singer Tyrese was rumored to originally be up for the part.

Superman: Hayden Christensen
I think everybody knows who Superman is, so there's no need for a description. However, should Darth Vader be wearing his suit? IMDb has DJ Cotrona ("Skin") down as "rumored," but Adam Brody confirmed Christensen would soon be decked out in red, blue, and gold.

Wonder Woman: Megan Gale
I didn't know who Gale was either, but after a little research I learned that she's an Australian model and this would be her first major role.

Batman: Arnie Hammer (Blackout)
It's probably best that Batman is played by a nobody, because expecting a seasoned actor to top Christian Bale's performance would be ludicrous.

Talia Al Ghul = Teresa Palmer (December Boys)
I've never heard of this character before, but then again when I watched Batman Begins I had no clue who Ra's al Ghul was either. Well, apparently he has a daughter and he wants her to marry Batman and for him to take over his criminal empire. She's not good or evil, but she has been accredited with taking down Lex Luthor.

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