Thursday, March 27, 2008

TV: Rumer Willis on "Miss Guided" & Superman Flies

Tonight on the mini tube Rumer Willis, Demi and Bruce's oldest spawn, makes her TV debut, playing a vandal on her stepdad Ashton's ABC show "Miss Guided." He is really going all out with the stunt casting. Who's next? The entire cast of "That 70's Show" or maybe even an homage to Wilmer Valderrama's foreign exchange student Fez. Heck, as long as it's funny, I don't care who he casts. In fact, I'd even welcome Sean William Scott from his Dude, Where's My Car? days.
UPDATE: Rumer will be on next week's episode. EW can't be right every time.

Also on tonight, at the exact same time, is "Smallville." Everybody knows that the main character is supposed to be a younger Superman, but they're not allowed to use that superhero moniker. They can play with the image of his S-emblem, use his signature red and blue colors, and even call him Clark Kent, but no super suit and till recently no flying. Well, tonight Clark flies. Granted, we've already seen Clark fly before in 2006, but that was Clark as Jor-El, and more recently when he was impersonated by a criminal of the Phantom Zone. But tonight Kara teaches the farm boy, Lana-loving Clark how to fly. Should be awesomely funny.

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